Italy, day 1&2: Lake Trasimeno, Castiglione del Lago and Val d’Orcia.

Being a working student, I can’t afford to go on vacation during summer for two reasons: my job is partly to replace people during their holidays, and I have to work enough in summer to pay university fees in september. I managed to convince my boss to give me a few days off in June so I could go on a road trip. Italy, here I come!

I left home and reached Italy by the Mont Cenis pass. It’s beautiful there, with a barrage and a lake surrounded by mountains. I didn’t take any pictures because I know the place by heart and wanted to save space on my SD card for later. We reached Susa and took some highways and main roads all the way to Perugia. The plan was to go as far as possible and come back home leisurely while visiting.

We spent our first night in a camping near lake Trasimeno. It was warm and sunny, and we watched the sun set with our feet in the water.


On the second day, we went to Castiglione del Lago, a beautiful village guarded by a castle perched above the lake. There weren’t a lot of people, we saw fields of olive trees and blossoming bushes, it was beautiful and it smelled delicious!

day22.jpg day23.jpg day26.jpg day24.jpg day25.jpg

We then headed to the Val d’Orcia, a place I wanted to visit for some time. I saw a movie shot there and it looked really pretty.


The roads go up and down on the hills, zig-zag between multicoloured fields and lead us through small perched villages. We stopped at Castiglione d’Orcia, a very beautiful village with a castle. We learnt there that the village is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Center.


We visited the castle, which allowed us to have a panoramic view of a good part of the Val d’Orcia and the Sienna county. We had the opportunity to admire colourful art pieces as some rooms were made into exhibition galleries.


We then visited the village, which was mostly deserted. If I ever had to pick a village to retire in Europe, it would be it. The streets are so peacefully quiet, flowers adorn the balconies and the small places, cars don’t circulate between the houses – a dreamy place.

day210.jpg day211.jpg day212.jpg


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