Geocaching hike at the Tooth of Arclusaz

Dad and I went on a geocaching hike yesterday at the Tooth of Arclusaz, in the French Bauges mountains. It was sunny, there were a few caches to find…let’s go!


The Tooth of Arlusaz seen from the pasture below the Potat pass, where cows graze watching hikers walk by. We took an alternative route on our way up to the pass, the path on the crest being less comfortable to walk on. We decided to skip a few caches and to look for them on our way down.


View of the Bauges mountains from the Potat pass.

Once at the pass, we got back on the path and started looking for caches while going up to the Tooth. It was a good excuse to grab a bite, drink some water or gaze at the scenery. The path was quite wet and slippery due to firns slowly melting here and there. The geocaches were quickly found, with exact coordinates each time and well-stored logbooks. Perfect!

We reached the summit in about 3 hours, including geocaching time, which is an okay time as neither dad or I did much sport during winter. We were logging the cache at the summit when two hikers wished us “bon appétit!”, thinking the cache was our lunch box!


View from the summit toward the South, a little foggy but still pretty!

We went down on the path on the crest to look for the remaining caches. I had to slide my hand in a hole full of spider webs, yuck! What wouldn’t we do for a cache!

We only had one DNF at the Frene pass, and we decided not to go look for another one nearby as it meant walking in a grown field of grass. I respect farmers’ work too much to ruin their fields for a game. So that’s when our geocaching hike ended.

Here’s a panoramic picture taken from Pierre Besse, about halfway up to the Tooth.



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