Le mange cailloux goes to the beach at Le Lavandou

My niece and I decided to go see the sea in July – and to see if the sun was hiding there. We went through a storm on our way there – heavy rain, hail and all – but it was worth it as the sun was shining and the cicadas singing when we arrived there.

On our way South we stumbled upon a surprising but cool roundabout near Saint-Pantaléon-les-Vignes, Drôme.

Once at the camping site, we quickly pitched the tent and went to the beach. We were lucky not to see any jellyfish before our second-to-last day of vacation. We didn’t get sung – we were careful to exit the sea once I spotted a jellyfish – and to be honest I was more scared of boats releasing their foul water and garbage in the sea than of jellyfishes…

On our second day we went to Port Cros, a beautiful island with lots of fish to swim with.

View from the bay of la Palud.

The bay of la Palud and the Rascas rocks seen from the coastal path.

The beach of the South, where less herbarium means less fishes to swim with.

The port of Port Cros, with bars, restaurants and other shops. One tip if you go there: water is scarce on the island, so if you go there take enough water for the day to preserve the water ressources!

At night, the beach of the Lavandou was pretty much deserted. We liked to take a stroll and eat ice cream from the Palais des Glaces there!


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