What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a worldwide modern treasure-hunting outdoor game. The player uses a GPS to go to specific coordinates and look for a cache – a container most of the time – hidden there. Some caches are virtual, meaning there is no container but the player has to go to the coordinates, take a picture and answer some questions he’ll find the answers to on the spot.

There is no monetary value to the cache content, it’s only for fun and it’s a great way to discover beautiful places and meet other geocachers – that’s how players are called.


I started geocaching not so long ago – I used to play another somewhat similar game called Cistes. It was fun for a while but the constant struggle with conundrums had me give it up.

Being an outdoorsy girl, geocaching is more my thing. Wherever I plan to go I take my GPS with me and look for caches, or when I don’t have a specific destination I go look for a geocache and often end up discovering a great hiking spot.

For more information: Geocaching 101.



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